Wednesday, November 7, 2007

day 13 - austin texas

fucking austin.

I had way too much fun in austin. it started out with this dude above (chopper) and my friend dylan and amber sitting at my merch world all afternoon drinking whiskey. oh, we started early. the fun fun fun fest was also happening the same time our show was, so seeing some friends was the best part of the day.


gabe looks so fancy, dylan on the other hand...


so thanks to chopper and dylan when swr hit the stage i ran over to the mowhak to catch whatever I could of the murder city devils show. it was fucking mindblowing, and so many people there. my pictures suck because i found a little perch behind the band outside of the club and just rocked out before i had to run back to emos. also, why my camera will not let me download the RAW files of my camera is baffeling to me, but alas the good pictures remain on my compact flash card




i dont know when i started writing in this blog. its supposted to be pictures only. im breaking my own rules.

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