Friday, December 7, 2007

day 18 - nashville, tn

day off today. I kinda needed it. Haley from little rock treated us really well last night. so if you are paying attention its little rock: 1, dallas -7 million.


today I woke up and out bus driver left, and the new one came in. to make myself feel better (since I have a feeling things are going to go swiftly downhill), will and I went to breakfast, which ended up being lunch at the frist musem in nashville. I got to see some kadinskys and legers so the graphic design part of me was pretty happy. after that, we decided to go to a hockey game. although it wasnt the almighty buffalo sabres, it was fun. day off. whatever. good times.

nashville predators vs vancouver cannucks

this picture looks like the hockey game you play in the arcade


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