Tuesday, December 11, 2007

day 22 - buffalo, ny

day off. yes, another one. but, the best one. my dad kept calling me at 8 am to get me up. he wanted to eat before his doctors appointment. i was still asleep. this was good, because instead of making me move so early, i got to sleep in and take a shower. instead of krispy kremes we shared a beef on wick sandwhich at andersons. i cant wait to go on a healthy food kick once i go to florida for xmas. wtf. anyhow, gravy fries later I crawl back in my bunk for a nap.

2 pm, frank is alive and we go to the mall to see if my battery can be fixed. wow, i missed extending apple care AGAIN by three days. I officially suck as a mac owner. mom and dad show up once again, and take all my bags for the trip to florida. tour ends on friday so why not.

6 pm. scalping tickets for the sabres game with frank. so excited about the crew that decided to go. so excited to spend some time with his gf finally and actually get to know her. so excited for the sabres. woooo hooooooo! what was totally priceless is the tickets we bought completely randomly was the same section and seats but four rows infront of keith buckley. how awesome was that.





7:30 pm. yelling at keith for not telling me he was going to ask lyndsay to marry him. fucker. congrats btw


9 pm. pissed at the sabres because they lost. pissed at the sabres because i have to listen to jeff talk about how good boston is. bah humbug.


1030 pm anchor bar. full. in pain. too many chicken wings.owwwww



3 am. in my bunk driving to boston. heartburn central. someone bring me tums

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