Monday, June 16, 2008

monday june 16th 2008


this tour kicked my ass. i hid a lot, didnt make phone calls i should have, didnt see some friends i wanted to. i took a lot of pictures but for some reason after selling merch i had no desire to edit, upload, etc. i have a feeling it will all be in one post well after tour, but alas, i miss our daily talks.

the last week has been tough, complete with a trip to the hospital, which i'm still not feeling 100% from. thank you charlie for being there.

this post is deadicated to neltie. without her i would be sad daily on this tour. from coffee to facials and law and order marathons, it was a great six weeks. five more days to go. three more days until a really big smile. then, who knows what. i have a feeling it will be great . . .


Todd said...

Hang in there, kid! It was great to finally meet you on this tour.

j.cro said...

Holy craps.
I hope you're okay now.
Sending you big hugs.