Tuesday, February 10, 2009

february 10th 2009

at the drive in

2009 has been a difficult technological year for me. hard drives failing, cameras breaking, being stupid and losing cords for my flash, camera, and externals, photoshop all of a sudden corrupt, and today, violent snow.

ok, the violent snow isn't so bad - its quite beautiful if you ask me. that with fresh flowers on my desk kinda makes my room pretty hard to leave, especially when you have nothing to do. but, part of living here means that most of my stuff is still in storage in two different cities (buffalo, and salt lake) so I have been trying to find old picturs online. the one above is one of them even though its been scanned horribly and compressed and lost on someones server for years. I guess another goal would be to get all my stuff from those cities and actually be in one place for a change. maybe.

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