Tuesday, March 10, 2009

tuesday march 10th 2009

lets play a game (and this is only a game - i'm not angry, i knew it would happen). the game is how many live pictures of my chemical romance did heather take will appear on this page by outside sources by the end of the week. my guess is 10 since one of the first ones uploaded was mine.

disclaimer: I have quite a few live shots of them, and shot for fun, so its not like I never knew all their fans would take them from flickr. it is fine, I am not upset. I just find it funny to find them in other places. ALSO this is when I should go back to old photos and re-watermark them huh?

I would also like to teach a course on how NOT to reply to a help wanted email. Then I thought it would offend some people, given the drama one email of mine has seemed to cause. so that might be a story for another day.

carry on.

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