Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thursday May 28th 2009

Hello from Nantes, France. I am almost two weeks into two back to back european tours. I will be here until end of july. I haven't updated in a while even though I have a ton of pictures. Guess why?
My blackberry took a swim in a tiolet in London. my computer is making harddrive fail noises and now my external with all my backups and a lot of photos from the last tour has completely died and won't mount on my desktop. I am waiting for all my camera gear to break, and my ipod to fail. I am seriously trying not to have a technological breakdown cry. Other than that, life is great! right? right.

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j.cro said...

Nantes is BEAUTIFUL!! I lived there for a month when I was in High School.

Mercury has just about exited retrograde - hopefully all your electronic problems will be behind you.

Miss you - be safe.