Thursday, October 8, 2009

friday october 9th 2009

happy 61st birthday to my mother

I am at my parents house for the next couple of days. we have them off due to hollies breast cancer walk in jersey this weekend. (GO HOLLIE!!!). hopefully recharging, regrouping, laundry and getting things fixed. oh, and scanning a bunch of old photos, hopefully I can find some more. Ill be back here end of october for the wedding of century, and if I dont get a job in november I might stay here for a bit. who knows.

its been 30 days since I had a drink, and its shocking to me how quickly it has gone by. it's a total different and weird trip. I hope some things become clearer with this. Some I hope go back to the way it was, but only better. I am really trying.




mom and grandma

mom, adria, me

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j.cro said...

Is that a cute little you in that last photo?