Wednesday, February 6, 2008

february 6th 1976

at 2 pm, I was born. I don't have any baby pictures on this computer but here is one thats close enough

my grandmother and me

last night, midnight, was fun. drinks with hutch, kevin, mike frey, carlos, one whom i forgot his name, and a nice man named sean. he gave this to me in the bar last night after singing queen songs. I cried. happy birthday to me. I am going to find a frame for it now.


I drank some of this


who knows what tonight will bring. food. more drinks. jval! and im 32... now if i could get a job :). this is what I have done in portland so far (besides watch UFC fights and the superbowl); paint, and annoy carlos.


ps. parks close at 12:01 AM here. Not midnight. Not 12:02 am. Get it right.


I also got the best vm / and voice memos from some of the swr family. i miss you guys. xo

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