Thursday, February 7, 2008

february 7th 1974

my best friend frank was born.


happy birthday. feb is a good month. also kim hardy (feb 1st) joe g (feb 3) mike frey, tom dice, my dad! (feb 4th), mike leonard (feb 5th!), me and this bartender i met tonight in portland also ronald reagan and a million others (feb 6th!) hutch (feb 12!!)

can you spot me? i doubt it. best show of my life.

best birthday ever continued. dinner at this amazing restaurant with jon, carlos, and roger, then drinks at the house with our hhh friends including jval! pictures tomorrow. its time for bed. thank you to my friends, it was truely great.

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j.cro said...

Bob Marley's birthday was February 6th.
We just learned that in Jamaica.
Yah mon.